Meang Kum- Traditional Thai Snack

We had the privilage of attending an all day cooking course in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. For both Owen and I, this was one of the highlights of our Asia trip. We had a fantastic cooking guide named Mr A who measured our sexiness by the heat of the chilllies in our dish. Owen was by far the ‘sexiest’ in our group as he loves everything hot and spicy. We got to choose 6 dishes each, and we cooked them at our own stations. Thai cooking is surprisingly easy and straight foward. Everything is cooked at a high heat and really quickly to keep everything fresh. Here are some of our favourite recipes.


Meang Kum


A traditional Thai ‘welcome to my home’ snack…
Roasted peanuts
Toasted coconut
Ginger, diced
Shallots, chopped finely
Chilli, chopped finely
Lime, sliced
Betel leaves (You can substitute lettuce or spinach leaves)
Sweet syrup (Agave, honey or maple syrup)
How to eat:
1. Fold the betel leaf in half lengthways, then fold it in half the other way. Place your finger inside and gently move around to form a cup
2. Put a little of each ingredient into the betel leaf cup, top with sweet syrup and pop the whole thing in your mouth.
3. Chew slowly and thoughtfully, feeling all the flavours mingle and tingle in your mouth.



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